about us

Kolpingsfamilie Schirgiswalde

The Kolpingfamilie want to be a community where people of all occupations and all age groups come together as partners and family. Responsible Christians meet to change and improve things in church and society. But first the Kolpingfamilie want to encourage and enable the individual to make the best of themselves and to live their lives in family, job and society more consciously and responsibly.

The members of the Kolpingfamilie are on the move together. They search for answers to current questions and challenges of society. They take care for more justice and brotherhood among people, and that first in their own lives and environment

Kolping Emmausgang 2016

The Kolpingfamilie is not a “closed society”. They are open and and invite all people of good will to be partners. Their offers are service to the community.
Just try it! Common work and experience will enrich your everyday life!

After having attended the meetings of the Bautzen Journey Men’s Association as they were known in those days for some time the people of Schirgiswalde founded their own Kolpingfamilie on 30th January 1870. Today we have ca. 90 members. In 2010 we celebrated our 140th anniversary.

The Kolpingfamilie Schirgiswalde is a member of the Dresden–Meißen Diocese Association and of the Kolping Association of Germany.

Peter Jungnitsch